Upcoming Occasions 5/1/09 To 5/11/09

The summer beat goes on and the fun doesn\’t stop here in Chicago. We are coming to the finish of July with a few free ideas to keep your groove heading throughout these scorching sizzling times and evenings.

The second I bit into my Pecan crusted Tilapia I was in heaven. The fish was new and the crust was extremely tasty. I experienced a salad and potatoes with my sandwich, so I was extremely satisfied and couldn\’t wait to have some dessert. The desserts are not outlined on the menu, but they do have them. You can enjoy some traditional New York style cheesecake, Tiramisu, Key lime pie, Banana pudding and a lovely homemade chocolate dessert that I am not going to title, simply because when you go, I want you to ask for their \”famous\” chocolate dessert and you\’ll be in for a surprise.

Thursday evening is college evening (ages18 and up) and there are DJs, but most other evenings they have Live Music, including a great deal of tribute bands. Many shows are all ages, some are eighteen and up. Anyone below 21 pays $2 at the door on college evening, and most exhibits are around $5-$10.

Saturday evening experienced some openers. Local favorites Krystos, that includes: Billy Thornock- Direct Vocals, Lead Guitar; Dan Johnston- Backing Vocals, Lead Guitar, Adam Brimhall- Drums, Andrew Sperry- Bass Guitar. These men have some experience as openers and did not disappoint. Bringing it to the Knitt phase. They pressed the tempo with their brand of local steel. Thrilling the crowd of a number of hundred steel followers of all ages. Subsequent up came Ripchain. Locals on a mission with their old fashion metal and great tune titles and dedications. A must see live for anybody who likes an previous college heavy metal band working a group. These men are fun and bring a great temper to the group waiting for Blistered Earth to come on.

More free dance classes, this time, try the Jitterbug in Irving Park at the Athletic Field Park, 3546 W. Addison Street, from 6pm-9pm below the stars. Music offered to you by the Boilermakers Jazz Band. Nice, nearby fun! Dancing info is right here.

The older photographer who took maybe two shots of the DJs and group. He targeted his time and camera on the go Simple Plan Tour Dates go dancers and nothing else. They were certainly appealing and I snapped a few pictures, to be certain. However, unless he was tasked specifically to shoot the dancers, which is possible but doubtful, it was beyond creepy. We\’re speaking hundreds of photos. Essentially, he was an additional lighting feature with his flash firing off over and more than and more than.

Last year about eighty.000 individuals attended the festival. This year there is no doubt that there will be more people, and more bands to established the stage for ushering in the drop period.