We provide Hiscox with insurable insurance for a number of professional groups through insurer. For affiliated self-employed persons, the above-mentioned premium at Hiscox is another 5% discount. In the mentioned premium example below we assume a coverage of up to € 250,000, – per claim, per insurance year and without 21% insurance tax. Your own risk depends on your occupation, but in most cases Hiscox does not handle any own risk.rnrnICT sector – from € 450, – per yearrnManagement consultant – from € 350, – per yearrnPR, Marketing and Advertising – from € 425, – per yearrnOther specific occupations from 400, – per yearrnAll exact premiums are listed in the calculation tool below for the termination of professional liability insurance. If your profession does not exist here, choose your custom. We have good agreements with insurers for affordable custom solutions.rnrnWe offer very affordable custom solutions to different insurers. If you would like a customized offer, please fill out the form below. You can fill in these online and email us. By post is of course also possible.