It is alleged that Betta\\’s can be kept in bins without filtration. Although this is technically speaking true, we do not think that is a good way of doing. Water stability is just as important for Betta\\’s as for any other fish. Filtration is the most appropriate way to keep the water clean. If something is wrong with water values ​​or water quality, the fish will become inactive and rest on the bottom. This is a sign that should not be ignored.rnrnBetta\\’s are carnivores; We carry ours a good quality daily carnivore feed, but black mosquito larvae seem to be the favorite. Other small frozen foods (artemia, cyclops, etc.) are also taken, but never as welcomed as the mosquito larvae. The fish have an upward mouth; an indication that they eat from the water surface. We have noticed that they are also easy to learn from the bottom.rnrnFor such a small fish, Betta\\’s have an amazing personality. They will reward their caregivers with a lot of interaction when properly taken care of. This is all the more apparent among men because they are usually kept alone (a single man per bin); Women are the same but because they are usually held in groups, their ability to interact with their carer is not so obvious. Some aquarium fish are extremely aggressive and territorial; It is recommended by breeders to grow up with these fishes because the father\\’s aggressiveness is hereditary. Others are just rather friendly and interactive; they are clearly aware of their caretaker\\’s attention and show this through a series of activities including a kind of dance when paying attention to them. One of our men, Red Sin, will immediately come to the windshield when we approach, dance and go to the water surface. As we move along the bin, he follows us. He will stay with the windshield for as long as we are willing to stay with him and look tight while we talk to him. That is not unusual; In his book, Caring for Betta fish, Marcus Song writes that some of his Betta\\’s do this. Every man apparently has his own dance what they do when they are happy. (2)rnrnThe response of the fish to baking is also indicative of their personality. Some of our men hide behind a piece of wood and see us, others just come to the tube to sniff the tube with which we suck the substrate – some even attack the tube – but no one ignores what happens. As they are familiar with their environment, it is their property; they want to know and be the boss about all that\\’s going on. It has been reported that some men reorganize their bowl; There is also a report from a man who helped his caregiver in the bakery by pointing his nose to the places where the caregiver had missed the garbage. (3)rnrnIt is claimed that male Betta\\’s need stimulation, so it is good to see other men from time to time so that they can show offensive behavior. If that is not possible, a mirror can make the impression that the man will impress his own reflection. This must be done with caution and only for a short while, as otherwise the fish will be stressed. We have never used that kind of technique. Instead, we keep our growers in their own bowl, usually shared with some young growing breeds. The men share their cakes happily with these peaceful fellow residents, while the movement of the catfish provides the necessary stimulation without the fish feeling threatened or hunted. Some of our men are particularly interested in the catfish, to a point where they intervene when the multitude falls into battle.